Easter Weekend in ........Clevedon

I realise that it has been little while since i last wrote something on here. 

But here goes, a little update. This weekend my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of a trip over the North Sommerset where we stayed in a lovely B&B (Taggart House) which i can not recommend highly enough. The house was beautifully done, not only were the decorations and layout of the building wonderful but the two people (Rachel & Andrew) who ran the establishment were lovely.....

Before leaving for the trip I finally got around to getting myself a Lee Big Stopper, and I could not wait to try it out. Unfortunately it being a British bank holiday of course the weather was.... well terrible (from a photography perspective). Luckily on the last night of our trip the clouds began to break and the sky lit up with a beautiful orange and  I managed to capture the image below:

Sunset at Clevedon Pier 

Anyway thats just a little update on my recent adventures.

I will try and update this much sooner next time...... Enjoy


Here is one more from the trip :)